Ben and Lee sort out the fact from the fiction in Ukraine's Fascist War of Aggression against peace-loving Putin.

Ben and Lee look back one year after the Jan 6th riot and look forward to the future.

Destiny Portrayed

Lee and John Dardenne finish their review of JFK Revisted: Through the Looking Glass.

Lee discusses Oliver Stone's documentary JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass with special guest John Dardenne.

Buy Sober Sell High

Lee welcomes LGR's resident Stonk Wonk Ariel to discuss the sweet stonk of success.

Post Magnet World

Lee thinks Ben is talking about using a magnet to wipe out bank records but Ben is talking about using a literal magnet to take away everyone's comput...View Details

Putsch Present

Lee forgets his son's birthday a week after he's born and gives Ben a pop quiz on the Wall Street Putsch.

Lee and Ben ponder how Insurrection Day would have played out had TDR been VP.

First Best Destiny

Ben presents his five point plan to save America from feudalism as Lee ponders his destiny.

Drash to the Future

Handsome Headquarters gets a visit from Liberal Guilt Radio's spiritual advisor and original listener, Cantor Emma.

Ben and Lee spend Christmas Eve wondering whether humanity will go out with a whimper or a bang. Who wants Chinese food?

Handsome Headquarters reaches herd immunity.

Ben and Lee discuss governments in exile, the fall of empire and the greatest name ever.

Lee delves deep into the Inside Jobs Archives to introduce some of the basics of the Kennedy Assassaination.

Brian, Gene and Lee return to the Inside Jobs archives to close the Kennedy case once and for all.

We break down the Zapruder film with special guest Robert Keith, rounding out our Kennedy assassination anniversary special.

We conclude our discussion of the Kennedy assassination with special guest John Dardenne.

We get to the bottom of the Kennedy assassination with special guest John Dardenne.

America Solved

Celebrate today. Monday we get to work.

Calling It

Ben and Lee call the election.

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