Brian, Gene and Lee return to the Inside Jobs archives to close the Kennedy case once and for all.

We break down the Zapruder film with special guest Robert Keith, rounding out our Kennedy assassination anniversary special.

We conclude our discussion of the Kennedy assassination with special guest John Dardenne.

We get to the bottom of the Kennedy assassination with special guest John Dardenne.

America Solved

Celebrate today. Monday we get to work.

Calling It

Ben and Lee call the election.

Sad Sax McFlurry Road

Ben and Lee check in on the state of the Presidential race and what will happen on the ground come election day.

Best. Year. EVER

Ben and Lee cover the shocking news that Trump has Covid and discuss Presidential Succession.

Nacho Supreme Court

Lee reveals he has magical powers, Ben dunks on judicial review and the boys discuss the history of the Supreme Court.

Where’s my hoverboard?

Hanj and Lee just decide this should be a Back to the Future podcast. Then Hanj has to leave early to stop a fight between his children.

It was a far quainter time. The Washington Post Editorial Board didn’t know what a podcast was. The President of the United States was the object of c...View Details

Get’n Monasty

Ben and Lee discuss the monastic life and talk vehicle storage equity. Then the Donald stops by to tell us who the puppet really is.

Deep Fakey Break Heart

Hanj and Lee discover that Christopher Lloyd is the same person in Star Trek III and Back to the Future. Then they talk deep fakes and the Donald expl...View Details

Ambassador to Gen Z Dave dials in to tell us what the kids are saying about the epic battle between Apple and Epic over Fortnite micro transactions. L...View Details

The Great Wall

Hanj returns for another episode of Evening Handsome and the boys discuss Wolf Warrior diplomacy, Highlander II and WAP. Then Lee reveals he'll vote f...View Details

Stormtroop’n USA

Ben is recovering well from Covid and Lee rants about the Age of the Stormtrooper.

Special guest Dave drops by to discuss how his rural neighbors have reacted differently to the 'rona than his city-dwelling friends. Then the boys tal...View Details

...ending and this one doesn't have a beginning. 

Lee and special guest Ariel talk way too long about the imminent collapse of the banking system so we decided to break this one up Mockingjay-style. S...View Details


It's a wiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!!!!!!

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