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Buy Sober Sell High

Lee welcomes LGR's resident Stonk Wonk Ariel to discuss the sweet stonk of success.

Post Magnet World

Lee thinks Ben is talking about using a magnet to wipe out bank records but Ben is talking about using a literal magnet to take away everyone's comput...View Details

Lee and Ben ponder how Insurrection Day would have played out had TDR been VP.

Drash to the Future

Handsome Headquarters gets a visit from Liberal Guilt Radio's spiritual advisor and original listener, Cantor Emma.

Ben and Lee spend Christmas Eve wondering whether humanity will go out with a whimper or a bang. Who wants Chinese food?

Ben and Lee discuss governments in exile, the fall of empire and the greatest name ever.

Sad Sax McFlurry Road

Ben and Lee check in on the state of the Presidential race and what will happen on the ground come election day.

Get’n Monasty

Ben and Lee discuss the monastic life and talk vehicle storage equity. Then the Donald stops by to tell us who the puppet really is.

Deep Fakey Break Heart

Hanj and Lee discover that Christopher Lloyd is the same person in Star Trek III and Back to the Future. Then they talk deep fakes and the Donald expl...View Details

Josh, our favorite Unpaid Elected Volunteer, stops by to discuss the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles and the President explains why he recommends i...View Details

Dick Nixon drops by Liberal Guilt Radio to discuss impeachment, a congressional staffer calls in and Donald Trump reveals the location of the Gates of...View Details

It’s the longest war in American history. Casualties on both sides with no end in sight. Generations raised without knowing anything else. For some, i...View Details

LGR: Oscar Special

Notes from an Academy in exile.

Sprite is a Kind of Coke

Lee is accused of being homophobic and someone dials the wrong number.

Batman Takes Calls

Lee Sanger Goldin is joined by the Dark Knight to take calls in studio.

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