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Post Magnet World

Lee thinks Ben is talking about using a magnet to wipe out bank records but Ben is talking about using a literal magnet to take away everyone's comput...View Details

Lee and Ben ponder how Insurrection Day would have played out had TDR been VP.

Sad Sax McFlurry Road

Ben and Lee check in on the state of the Presidential race and what will happen on the ground come election day.

Get’n Monasty

Ben and Lee discuss the monastic life and talk vehicle storage equity. Then the Donald stops by to tell us who the puppet really is.

Deep Fakey Break Heart

Hanj and Lee discover that Christopher Lloyd is the same person in Star Trek III and Back to the Future. Then they talk deep fakes and the Donald expl...View Details

The boys sit down with former President Obama to talk primary season. Then the Donald stops by to sing a duet.

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