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Lee delves deep into the Inside Jobs Archives to introduce some of the basics of the Kennedy Assassaination.

Deep Fakey Break Heart

Hanj and Lee discover that Christopher Lloyd is the same person in Star Trek III and Back to the Future. Then they talk deep fakes and the Donald expl...View Details

...ending and this one doesn't have a beginning. 

Lee and special guest Ariel talk way too long about the imminent collapse of the banking system so we decided to break this one up Mockingjay-style. S...View Details


It's a wiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!!!!!!

Dynasty of Handsome

A special announcement from all of us here at Handsome Headquarters!

Lee relates his harrowing encounter with a scorpion and outlines his plan to bring peace to the holy land with a high-stakes soccer tournament. Also h...View Details

Actor and frisbee wrangler Tom drops by Handsome Headquarters to discuss private prisons, the Duck Tales Moon theme and his beef with TV's John Krasin...View Details

As fireworks and/or bullets snap, crackle and pop outside Handsome Headquarters, Lee does his best to describe Hanji's Zoom backgrounds while discussi...View Details

The Ballad of Barling

Original co-host Hanjiro drops by Handsome Headquarters to tell the tale of Terry Barling and Lee relates an interesting email conversation he's had w...View Details

Topics for Theories

The boys discuss arbitrary power and two action legends weigh in on the news of the day.

Charlie Hustle gives his thoughts on the Astro's sign stealing controversy, the boys discuss the Billie Elish Bond song and Oscar himself stops by.

Lee and Ben interview former President Bill Clinton and Don Corleone dials in to discuss the deep state.

First a special news report from Liberal Guilt Radio on Robert Mueller's highly anticipated report. Then we go to the phones to discuss Marvel vs. DC ...View Details

Donald Trump shuts down the Mexican government, the Supreme Court rules on whether Kanye West is a musical genius and political analyst Slate Silver f...View Details

The White House places a ban on immigration into the United States from Hawaii and James Bond stops by to discuss recent allegations that British Inte...View Details

Hey kids, you might not know who I am. I’m Richard Milhous Nixon, 37th President of the United State. Listen up to my brief message on President Trump...View Details

LGR: Pledge Drive

Donald Trump proposes a wall between Iran and the United States and LGR has its seemingly daily pledge drive.

LGR: A Hand in the Bush

News updates from LGR and Lee takes calls with former President George W. Bush

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