It was a far quainter time. The Washington Post Editorial Board didn’t know what a podcast was. The President of the United States was the object of conspiratorial thinking, not the source of it. Dan Crenshaw was just a Navy Seal with two eyeballs. Major sports franchises were free to name themselves after ethinic slurs and the Comet Ping Pong Pizzeria was a place to bring your kids, not sell them to John Podesta. It was under this hazy blur of prosperity that three guys from the same college improv team decided once and for all to prove or debunk every single conspiracy theory in existence by following the money down a breadcrumb trail of John Kennedy half dollars into the wispy Wario’s woods of humanity’s deepest, darkest secrets. Three years later they’d wrapped it all up, solving every unanswered conspiratorial question in the book and went their separate ways.  Now, five years later the world has descended into darkness, the shroud of conspiracy theory closing in on us like that dome thing from the Simpsons movie. Only three men can sort out what’s real, what’s a lie and whether it’s all just one big Inside Job.

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