Malcolm X was a defiant, dominating speaker, activist and leader whose controversial views and actions made him enemies in many quarters. After a hardscrabble youth and time spent in prison, he abandoned his former hustling partners to pursue a righteous path in the Nation of Islam under the leader Elijah Muhammad. His often stark rhetoric attracted followers to the Nation and made many whites as well as blacks uncomfortable, especially those working in the New York Police Department, the FBI and the CIA. After feuding with Muhammad and other Nation leaders like Louis Farrakhan, Malcolm left the organization and began his own, welcoming those of different races and damning the isolationist and rejectionist rhetoric of his past. It was while speaking on these topics on February 21, 1965, that an unknown number of gunmen opened fire on Malcolm X, ending his life at 39. With so many enemies, can we ever know who killed Malcolm X? Join Brian, Gene and Lee as they investigate The Assassination of Malcolm X on Inside Jobs. 

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