Many are familiar with the first chapter in the downfall of Aaron Burr, when the third vice-president of the United States met former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton in the forests of Weehawken, New Jersey for a duel. Burr shot Hamilton down on July 11th, 1804, and though charged in both New York and New Jersey for murder, he was never brought to trial. However, the rest of Burr’s life, though much more adventurous and populated by a motley crew of characters, is far less well-known. Following this unsavory incident, Burr relinquished the office of the vice-president to his successor and began traveling through the Southern and Western territories of what are now Louisiana, Texas and Kentucky, making military connections, spending heavily and — if recopied letters and hearsay are to be believed — plotting a war against Spain and secession of the Western territories from the Union. Although a subsequent treason trial acquitted Burr, questions remain about his intentions and plans. Did Burr kill Hamilton to disguise his secessionist plans? Did Burr hope to assassinate that prick Thomas Jefferson? Can Brian, who is jetlagged out of his mind, keep control of the show before it devolves into infinite Duke Nukem quotes? Join Brian, Gene and Lee as they investigate The Treason of Aaron Burr.

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