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Lee delves deep into the Inside Jobs Archives to introduce some of the basics of the Kennedy Assassaination.

Brian, Gene and Lee return to the Inside Jobs archives to close the Kennedy case once and for all.

It was a far quainter time. The Washington Post Editorial Board didn’t know what a podcast was. The President of the United States was the object of c...View Details

There's a lot of rumors about Walt Disney. Was he a Nazi? Of course not. But there's still far more than meets the eye when it comes to the history of...View Details

Lee Sanger Goldin answers the question "is James Bond real?" The answer: Of course.

Lee Sanger Goldin uncovers the truth about ape/human hybrids and along the way figures out what happened to Bigfoot. 

Lee Sanger Goldin answers the question "is Elvis still alive?"

Did the Sox throw the World Series? "Joe say it ain't so!"

More drugs! More CIA! More trade! Rick Ross, but not the Rick Ross in the picture.

I assume Lee talks about that Gabriel Knight game.

Inside Jobs: Bay of Pigs

After defeating the Spanish in the Spanish-American War, the United States — including well connected corporations and Mafia-linked business concerns ...View Details

In 1953, the prime minister of Iran was ousted from power in a purely domestic coup that the CIA had nothing to do with, wink wink. Join Brian, Gene a...View Details

This one is good. As I recall, Lee recorded his part from the closet of his childhood bedroom.

I assume we talk about Some Like it Hot and/or Dick Tracy.

Our old college pal Jordan Morris from JJGO drops by to figure out who wrote Hamlet, and more importantly, was Ethan Hawk in the original?

Honestly I don't remember what the Business Plot was. Something to do with Nazis I think?

No, not the movie, the thing.

Inside Jobs: Exodus

Deliver us! Much to the horror of Lee's family, the gang figures out if Exodus was for real.

As I recall, this is the worst episode of the show. Listen if you must.

You're kidding me? These guys are still talking about JFK???

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